The Bull Infotech Journey

If you’re wondering, who or what is Bull Infotech, this is where you clear all your doubts!

What is Bull Infotech?

Bull Infotech is a global consulting and developing firm focused on Blockchain technologies, Fintech Solutions, CRM, MT4 Plugins, IT and more. We are headquartered in London, with a decentralized team from several other cities, all over the world. With years of expertise in IT and Fintech, we are now realigning our focus on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our years of experience in the industry, an expert team, and an international network helps you stay ahead of your competition by adopting and implementing the powerful Blockchain technology, years ahead of the rest.

With us, you are positioned to become one of the forerunners of Blockchain Technology.

How did it all Start?

Our journey begins with our founder and CEO, Mohsin Jameel, one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the field today. He is considered one of the most prominent leaders in blockchain in the UK and the rest of the world.

Why Us?

With Bull Infotech, you get to leverage our existing professional network to implement powerful blockchain solutions tailored specifically to your business requirements and challenges. We are committed to providing but the best. Our solutions are scalable, flexible, agile and customized.
We have provided innovative solutions to clientele from across the spectrum of business. Commerce, finance, supply chain, logistics, health care, education, industry, manufacturing and more – whatever be your industry our team of blockchain experts provides you with custom blockchain applications tailored to your specific requirements.
ICOs, Smart Contracts, smart wallets, ICO Marketing, and other blockchain based solutions – we are continually expanding our services to provide our clients with the platform you need to succeed.
Our Journey is just beginning. We are exploring a world of opportunities and growing daily while taking our clients forward.