Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen a meteoric rise in the last few years. To get started with transacting using cryptos, you need a “crypto wallet.” This is similar to a banking account, but it deals with cryptocurrencies. Unlike a regular banking account, crypto wallets make it possible to store as well as exchange, digital currencies.

Here, at Bull Infotech, we have extensive experience in designing and building crypto wallet for businesses across verticals.

Web-based Wallet

Also, known as a hot wallet, it’s accessed from a web browser.

What makes it Click?

  • Completes transactions quickly
  • Multiple currency transactions possible
  • Direct integration into a crypto exchange
  • Ideal for accounts with minimal cryptocurrency values

Mobile Wallet

Specifically built for ease of access from a mobile browser. Requires internet access.

What makes it Click?

  • Send or receive payments on the fly, while you’re on the move
  • Supports hardware wallets by using QR code scanning

Desktop Wallet

An effective cold storage for cryptocurrencies. Safer than both web-based and mobile wallets.

What makes it Click?

  • Ease of use
  • Since it’s a cold storage option, it doesn’t need any energy source
  • The wallet is not stored on any third-party server, just present on a local device
  • Comes with private keys

Hardware Wallet

As the name implies, it’s a physical device that stores your crypto assets.

What makes it Click?

  • The best way to store cryptocurrencies in the long run
  • Safer than all other types of crypto wallets

Not sure which crypto wallet meets your specific requirement? Get in touch with our expert blockchain team to find the right solution that works for you.

Salient Highlights of Crypto Wallets from Bull Infotech

  • 2-Factor Authentication – Provides top-notch security to users
  • List of Most Used Addresses – To pave the way for an easy transfer to frequently used addresses
  • Conversion Rates View – Instantly view the list of latest and updated crypto values
  • Paper Wallet – This feature lets users scan and process paper cryptos
  • Push Notifications – Provide users with alerts on transactions, changes in crypto values
  • In-built QR Code Scanner – Send or Receive cryptocurrencies in a single click
  • Crypto merchants – Users can also join as merchants and interact with other crypto merchants
  • Duplicate payments auto-denial – To avoid getting charged for duplicate payments
  • Security – Protect user accounts with strong passwords, pins, fingerprints and more
  • Session logout – Automatically logs the user out if inactive for a long time, as an added security measure

Why Choose Bull Infotech for your Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services?

Our team of expert blockchain developers has tons of experience working with all leading crypto development platforms. We help you build a cutting-edge crypto-wallet that is – secure, robust, reliable, highly functional and easy to use.

Whether you need a single currency crypto-wallet or a multiple currency crypto-wallet, we can help you out.

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