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Mohsin Jameel tells you all about “Crypto Airdrops”

Hello Readers, Have you ever come across the term cryptocurrency airdrop? Today’s article by Mohsin Jameel is all about Crypto Airdrops and how to get or earn “free” cryptocurrency. Everyone finds the word ‘Free’ to be the most ironic word in the history of spoken languages. If you are a newbie in the Crypto world, it’s better to know what exactly crypto airdrops are. An airdrop is where you get crypto coins for free. The simple reason why crypto companies do airdrops is to create awareness about the coin to the relevant audience, crypto enthusiasts, and potential investors.There are several ways of making money from cryptocurrencies but not all are secure and legit ways. However, one genuine way of earning through cryptocurrencies is AIRDROPS. Read more…

Mohsin Jameel explain everything you need to know about the working and future of Smart Contracts

Hi Crypto Enthusiasts, Let’s see the importance of Smart Contracts in Blockchain technology explained by Mohsin Jameel. Smart contracts are one of the most interesting aspects of the blockchain the technology. It helps blockchain applications do more. “Smart Contracts,” are new-age contracts that help users to exchange, sell or buy anything without any hassles, conflicts, or frauds. What makes smart contracts innovative: • Self-Reliance • Encrypted • Safe • Quick to execute • Error Free Read more to know about the truth behind Smart Contracts at:

10 Incredible Real World Applications of Blockchain Technology Beyond Cryptocurrency

Very often, in the interactions with clients from across industries, we have heard the term, “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency,” being used as synonyms. What people don’t realize is that cryptocurrency is just one application of blockchain and there are plenty other real-world uses of this amazing technology. Here, in this article,we want to give you reasons why he think blockchain technology is a game-changer and the next big thing to have happened since the invention of the internet. The year 2017 was a big one for cryptocurrencies. It was the year when cryptocurrency reached its peaks and become more mainstream than ever before. And, all thanks to blockchain technology. What is the Blockchain? Simply put, it’s the technology behind cryptos. It’s a…